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Current Projects
These are the programs that I am currently working on.

  • Settler's Helper Upgrade
    Convert the Settler's Helper program to C# and incorporate it into a larger game helper.
  • San Carlos Web Page
    I'd like to create a web page that collects some of the stuff that I have learned about San Carlos and moving to/living in mexico.
  • Poker Golf
    Models and AI for an enhancement to Golf where you get points for making poker hands.
  • Robot simulator
    Create a simulation of a robot using wxWindows, openGL and ODE (physics model). First goal is to model the realistic motion of a robot arm. User should be able to manually control the positions of each joint and see a realistic reaction from the arm on the screen.
  • Instrument Tuner A multi-instrument tuner. The idea is that you can play your instrument into the computer microphone and the software will tell you what note you played and how far off of the note you are. There are several other software packages that will do the same thing, but they aren't free. Also, I would eventually add the capability to load in a midi file and then play along with it with the computer showing how accurate you were.
  • Financial simulator
    Create a financial simulator that can take a current situation and rules about how money is to be managed and simulate a whole range of possible outcomes. The variables (inflation, investment returns, raises, deaths, etc) would have a defined probability distribution. Each year or month a new value would be selected based on that distribution and the current value of the variable. The whole simulation would be run thousands of times to get a distribution of results which would give you an idea of the probability of a successful outcome with a given plan.
    First goal is to get the simulator working with nearly hard coded inputs and minimal GUIs. This will allow me to simulate my own situation. After that I will improve the program as time permits.
  • FoodDiary
    There are several enhancements I would like to make to the existing food program.

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